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AT&T had at one time intended to roll out HSPA+ across its network. Since they were going to eventually roll out LTE, I thought it didn't make sense to put more CAPEX behind the 3G network. In September 2009, AT&T did decide not to roll out HSPA+ and instead focus on LTE with initial commercial launches in 2011. In March, AT&T dropped hints that they actually would deploy HSPA+ in certain locations, indicating that its strategy might be to use HSPA+ in locations with the most severe capacity problems.

Today, AT&T announced that their 14.4 Mbps HSPA+ networks will cover about 250 million people by the end of this year. This means they are also expanding their 3G footprint. AT&T could have moved up its LTE plans, but it is sticking with its current plans. This demonstrates that they do not feel the LTE ecosystem is read at this point. AT&T will have 2 trial cities by the end of 2010, and launch LTE in a portion of its network at the end of 2011 - a schedule that seems a full year behind what Verizon Wireless is doing.