Acer Rumored to be Polishing Chrome OS Demonstration for COMPUTEX 2010 in June

Multiple news sources are reporting that Acer is planning to demonstrate its first computing systems running Google's Chrome operating system. The company will demonstrate several new product concepts at COMPUTEX 2010 in Taiwan.

Announced in September 2009, Chrome OS intends to offer a web-centric approach to computer operating systems. Google claims that the OS will be well-suited for mobile computing devices similar to currently available netbook computers. The recent surge in interest for home-based media tablets would also fit within scope. The first computers offered commercially with Chrome OS are still expected during the second half of 2010.

Perfect storm of converging trends (Source: Google and ABI Research)

COMPUTEX is the annual computer festival in Taipei where original design manufacturers (ODMs) show off the latest ideas for handsets and computers in hopes of landing deals with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), also known as branded handset and PC vendors. In 2009, the hot mobile computing topics at COMPUTEX were netbooks with Android OS and a new device form-factor called media tablets. Could Chrome OS become this year'sbuzz?

UPDATE: After the rumor spread far and wide, Acer uncharacteristically issued a media alert that they had no plans to demonstrate Chrome OS at COMPUTEX. Perhaps the news --while a let-down for those hoping to see the hardware software pairing from a PC OEM --gives opportunity for one or more ODM/OEM vendors to step up and show what a cloud-based operating system on an affordable computing platform looks like.