My iPad Journey - Fully Connected Now

During the course of writing these blogs on my experience with the iPad, I said that one of my goals was to hopefully replace my laptop with the new Apple device. As I previously reported, I now have full Outlook capability for email, calendar and contacts on the iPad. I also have VPN connectivity into our company Intranet.

The missing piece of the puzzle was messaging. We are now using Microsoft Communicator and I needed to find an App for that purpose. A quick visit to the iTunes App store found one in a few minutes. It's called iDialog. Originally designed for the iPhone and iTouch, it works fine on the iPad although the appearence on the larger screen is reduced to "iPhone size". This is really not an issue since even with a desktop computer most people don't run mesaging full screen (myself included).

Installation was a snap and there are only three fields of information to enter in the iDialog set-up page.

So now I have a full suite of work related connectivity tools; corporate email, calendar, contacts, VPN and corporate messaging. My laptop can't do any better.

I'm closing in on my primary goal.