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Clearwire had its 4Q09 earnings call today, Wednesday 2/24/2010. I won't focus on the financials - I'll leave that to Wall Street. Here is a snapshot of the information relevant to the way ABI Research tracks the market:

Clearwire now has 688,000 total subsribers - both proprietary and mobile WiMAX. In the world of WiMAX and 4G, the relevant number is the number of mobile WiMAX susbscribers, which was 438,000 subscribers.

There are 250k proprietary subscribers. As Clearwire builds converts its proprietary markets over to mobile WiMAX, it leaves up the old network for about six to nine months as it coverts the exixsting susbscribers. The ratio of mobile WiMAX subscribers to proprietary subscribers has now shifted in favor of mobile WiMAX. There are nearly twice the number of mobile WiMAX than proprietary subscribers as of the end of 2009. It's probably more than twice at this point in time.

Clearwire has surpassed Russia's Yota as the largest mobile WiMAX service provider in the world now.