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Oct. 26, 2009 - Nov. 1, 2009

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While TomToms revenues are still down YoY (-15%) and QoQ (-1%), the net result has improved, now at 31 million Euro, a 42% increase compared with Q2, but still 48% lower than Q3 2008. This increased profitability is the result of severe cost cutting measures, including redundancies, to reduce operating expenses by 26 million.

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What always seemed like a temporary solution despite the support of PND market leader Garmin has now effectively been earmarked for phase out. Based on unlicensed FM spectrum in the US and Canada, MSN Direct was designed to stream navigation content such as traffic, weather, gas prices, events, and even destinations or routes planned on ...

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Last week, the discussions around Hulu shifted, as a key executive talked about the future of the online service and the possible move to make at least part of the content available through a pay model.Based on the slow advertising sales that Hulu has seen so far, it is not a big surprise that ...

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Today, Sony and Netflix announced an agreement that will bring the Netflix movie service to the PlayStation 3 game console.This follows a long line of partnerships that are putting the Netflix service in a wide variety of consumer electronics devices including game consoles, network-connected TVs, and more.Combined with the previous partnership with Microsoft ...

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