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The equality seems to make senseprotect the content, stop piracy; however reality is rarely that simple or clean.Take for instance the idea of protection.By its very nature, protection entails some form of restriction and while the extent of these limitations varies, in many cases it stands counter to the general direction that content ...

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Yes Im being facetious, but its not because I think the idea of Keychest is bad, but we must take this magic cloud (as ABI Research Digital Home Practice Director Jason Blackwell likes to call it) with a modicum of reality.Ok, enough of the Magic Kingdom references, but while there are certainly strengths and ...

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Google Maps for Mobile Gets Layers and its own Maps, Turn-by-turn Voice Navigation Next?

The latest 3.2 version of Google Maps, now available for Blackberry, Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile features Layers, a function allowing selectively displaying specific content categories such as traffic, Latitude (friend finder), transit information and Wikipedia entries. The My Map ...

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3G services in India have not yet really made a splash apart from state run operators MTNL and BSNL. The 3G auction for private operators has been facing delays and has not happened yet. But there is already a tender out for 3G femtocells in this case by MTNL.

The MTNL femto RFP invites femtocell ...

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On September 30, Javelin Strategy and Research published a news release stating their forecasts for mobile banking subscribers in the U.S. for 2009 and 2014. They project 36 million U.S. consumers will be using mobile banking in 2009 and 99 million by 2014. I find that to be overly aggressive. ABI Research forecasts ...

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