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Move over touch screen displays. Theres a potential new way of interacting with the digital world that could make waves over the next two years. Its called Sixth Sense, and is developed by MIT students.

The terms Internet of Objects and Augmented Reality have been buzz-words for a while. Pranav Mistry, a graduate student at MIT, Sixth Sense project may be a contribution towards making it real.

The Sixth Sense device is both simple in how it allows us to interact with the world, and versatile in the depth of interactive interactions that it promises to deliver. Through the use of a wearable web-camera, projector and smart-phone; it allows users to interact with real objects as they would with the digital world. Simulations of the technology have Mistry looking at flight boarding pass and have the projector beam Delayed or Boarding on to it. Other simulations have him take a photo by framing a scene with his hand; and then later view those photos, with multi-touch gestures usually found on the iPhone on the nearest wall, or table; or being able to dial a number by projecting a keypad on to the palm of his hand.

The Sixth Sense technology allows everyday objects, and practically anything in the world around us to be turned into an interactive, internet connected display. Complementary technologies such as Google Goggles, Googles new visual search and Microsofts Project Natal, a camera based immersive gaming experience can only serve to add to the possible experiences that Sixth Sense promises.

This is one scenario that "Augmented Reality" could be. If Augmented Reality reachescommercial reality; touchscreen displays and input technologies, for some, could become as archaic as the traditional T9 handset keyboard seems to smartphone users.