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Webinar: Top Industrial Technologies to Watch Out for at Hannover Messe 2019

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Today's webinar, Top Industrial Technologies to Watch Out for at Hannover Messe 2019, will explore these issues and help attendees understand what are the most compelling technological developments that are expected to be seen at Hannover Messe and how they should maximize their potential.

Our webinar will also cover these questions:

  • What technologies will be hot at Hannover Messe and why?
  • What companies should you visit or explore at the show?
  • What companies and technologies should you view with caution?
  • Is Hannover Messe 2019 going to prove the market is changing?

We will begin at 10:30 a.m. EDT, and there is still time for you to register.

Read the Executive Foresights

Executive Foresights

Democratizing Robotics Will Lead to Supply Chain Internalization

In February 2019, German e-commerce retailer Zalando announced the deployment of GreyOrange’s Butler robots within a 30,000 square-meter fulfillment center in Sweden, one of the retailer’s fastest growing territories. This follows last year’s announcement that Zalando acquired a minority stake in Magazino, a Munich-based warehouse robotics firm.

Zalando has joined a growing list of e-commerce companies deploying robots within their fulfillment centers. Others include global giants such as Amazon, Alibaba,, Suning, Rakuten, Flipkart, and Nitori. The top of the market clearly sees the benefits of robots and how deploying them will create a supply chain advantage in the competitive e-commerce sector. Unlike manual processes or heavily automated fixed infrastructure, which has been powering warehouse automation for decades, robots offer a combination of efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness while solving the inherent challenges associated with warehouse operations, including labor shortages, seasonal peaks, real estate costs, and volatile product demand.

Read the Executive Foresights

Featured Research

Featured News

Henrique Rocha
Henrique Rocha
Research Analyst

Hybrid RTLS Solutions to be Found in Over a Quarter of all RTLS Deployments by 2025

Hybrid RTLS implementations that incorporate distinct location technologies will be present in a million establishments by 2025, according to ABI Research. Businesses across many markets employ Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) when they wish to track their assets or people within their premises or offer indoor navigation. In those situations, an RTLS implementation for fixed devices, called gateways, are distributed throughout an establishment, and these are used to locate smartphones or tags. The latter are small devices which can be attached to goods or carried by people and communicate with the gateways via a short-range location technology.

At the gateway level, a hybrid implementation is one employing special gateways which can read tags of more than one type. While this mixing can happen between any two or more location technologies, one of the most notable pairings is UWB with BLE. “Put simply, the dilemma some companies face when they wish to track their assets is that UWB tags can be too expensive and BLE accuracy might not be enough for the use case at hand,” said Henrique Rocha, Research Analyst for Location Technologies. Read more.

Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins
Research Director

Smart Home Players Can Drive Independent Living Market

Smart home vendors are uniquely positioned to drive next-generation home care services, especially in the key North American and Western European markets. Delivering discrete remote monitoring services to deliver care to vulnerable residents and peace of mind for those that care for them is a market that can reach US$34.5 billion by 2024, according to ABI Research. But smart home service providers will have to move quickly to maximize this potential.

“Service providers pushed smart home into the mainstream and now have the ability to do the same for home care monitoring services, particularly Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) systems,” said Jonathan Collins, Research Director. “AAL has struggled to gain market traction as a standalone offering, but as smart home players build on their smart home efforts to expand into new revenue streams, overlaying AAL capabilities offer the potential for mass adoption,” he adds. Read more


AM, Spare Parts, and the Rise of the Micro Factory (by ABI Research's Ryan Martin)

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing got smart when companies figured out how to make products in one market and sell them in another. Today, we call this supply chain logistics. But somewhere along the way, the innovation chain connecting supply (manufacturing) and logistics (the supporting infrastructure) started to diverge. Now, the industrial sector is scrambling to catch up, change the way products are designed, rethink the way they are produced and improve the way they are sold, serviced and delivered. Read the full article

Ginni Rometty is Shaping IBM's Future with a $34 Billion Acquisition

CNN Business

Red Hat, which facilitates the movement of data across various cloud platforms, is an industry leader. Dimitris Mavrakis, research director at ABI Research, viewed the expensive purchase as a smart decision.

"[It] illustrates that IBM is embracing the hybrid cloud which is what many enterprise clients require for the future," Mavrakis said. Read the full article

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