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Tesla Joins the AR Fray as the Automotive Industry Leads a Push Toward the Digitization Horizon

More and more automotive manufacturers are using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and have implemented them in various parts of their project lifecycle. Design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales have all seen some AR investment and piloting. In accordance with ABI Research’s latest database, it is estimated that the AR revenue in the automotive industry will reach almost US$5 billion by 2023, while smart glasses shipments will climb to 1.5 million for the market.

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Stephanie Tomsett
Stephanie Tomsett
Research Analyst

Apple’s Share of the Smartwatch Market Drops below 45% in the Second Half of 2018

While the overall smartwatch market is experiencing steady growth, Apple’s hold on share continues to slip. ABI Research forecasts that smartwatches will see shipments increase from 40 million in 2018 to over 99 million in 2023, with Apple’s share of the market in 2Q and 3Q 2018 dropping to 43.35%, its lowest point since the same time last year. It is however still ahead in the market, with Fitbit, Huawei, and Samsung following behind at roughly 8% each, with the ‘others’ market seeing an increase in the share.

“The smartwatch market is a major part of the overall wearables market, offering consumers access to a large number of wearable features, such as fitness tracking, notifications, and heart rate monitoring, from the wrist,” says Stephanie Tomsett, Research Analyst. “As the number of flagship and budget smartwatches continues to grow, consumers are increasingly opting for devices from companies other than Apple, such as Fitbit, Huawei, and Samsung. Hence, Apple has seen its market share drop over the past couple of quarters.” Read more

Pierce  Owen
Pierce Owen
Principal Analyst

Demand for Higher Quality Parts and Products to Drive Generative Design in Industrial Applications to US$44.5 billion by 2030

Generative design enables the design of lighter, cheaper components while maintaining strength and solidity, ultimately creating a higher quality product. For that reason, the adoption of generative design software is taking off in aerospace & defense, automotive, footwear & clothing, furniture, industrial machines, and oil and gas industries and leading to an uptick in engineering throughput in each of them, finds ABI Research.

“The rise of the sharing economy and additive manufacturing will drive both demand for and the ability to produce higher-quality goods,” explained Pierce Owen, Principal Analyst. “Generative design expands design possibilities by creating shapes different from those that humans would create. It idealizes the design by creating something that best fits the constraints to optimize the products for various requirements.” Read more


Fitbit, Huawei & Samsung Gain Some Wearables Market Share; Apple Still Remains Top Dog

Android Headlines

Proprietary and Android-based wearables continued to eat into Apple's stranglehold on the smartwatch segment of the wearables market in the second half of 2018, according to the most recent report from ABI Research.

ABI Research predicts that Apple will continue to lead in terms of market share moving forward but indicates that the current state of affairs isn't likely to shift back in the company's favor. Instead, consumers will probably continue shifting away from the company in favor of smartwatches that are compatible with their phones with similar features at a lower cost and with better battery life but made by other manufacturers, the firm concludes. Read the full article

ICBC Selects Gemalto Contactless Payment Cards to Accelerate China’s Digital Payment Transformation

Financial Times

Gone are the days where cash was king in China. According to China Tech Insights’ report last year, 74 percent of Chinese consumers said they could live for more than a month with only 100 RMB (which is less than US$15) in cash.

As China continues its chip card migration, card schemes such as China UnionPayMastercard and Visa are quickly adding contactless capabilities to their card base, resulting in the country having the largest dual interface market, in terms of annual volume, according to ABI Research. Read the full article

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