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Executive Foresights

MSPs Will Lose New Opportunities Unless They Change Their Market Perspective

Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) are at a turning point in their history. On the one hand, most MSPs have widely accepted that in recent years they have failed to lead the market and capture new, emerging opportunities resulting from the data explosion and the digitization of customers. On the other hand, changing macrotrends in the form of regulations and new technology development seem to be opening new doors for MSPs bold enough to target new revenues.

Despite their large ambitions, many MSPs are still tied to their traditional processes and models, even though new digital and enterprise vertical opportunities are appearing. As time is crucial to seizing these new emerging opportunities, MSPs must transform their views and attitude, understand the strengths and weaknesses of their assets, and acquire a better understanding of future markets. MSPs must look at the market not as a telcos but as digital providers.

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Ryan Harbison
Ryan Harbison
Research Analyst

Enterprise Video Surveillance Growing to US$12 Billion on the Back of Edge and Device Analytics Capabilities

As the video surveillance industry continues its transition toward IP camera systems with edge and on-device analytics capabilities, solution providers continue to offer connected products and services with vastly stronger value propositions than traditional, legacy analog systems. As a result, ABI Research forecasts that enterprise video surveillance camera connections will top 348 million by 2023 and that these systems will generate value-added services revenues of US$12 billion.

“Success within IoT is largely dependent on the ability of providers to create highly specialized, value-added solutions based upon clearly defined use cases supported by market demand,” said Ryan Harbison, Research Analyst. Read more

Eleftheria Kouri
Eleftheria Kouri
Research Analyst

Improved Hardware, 5G, Cloud, and Enhanced Development Tools Set to Accelerate AR Market to US$116 Billion by 2023

2018 was a significant year for Augmented Reality (AR) with new entrants in the market, new smart glasses launched, new and improved platforms and portfolios, and generally more enthusiasm and curiosity from the public to explore the technology. Despite that technical challenges and budget limitations remain an issue for near future mass adoption, the total AR market will be worth US$116 billion by 2023, finds ABI Research. Technological advancements, the growth of mobile AR, more proof of concept use cases, and audience acceptance are the main factors that will lead to this booming growth.

“New entrances across hardware and software, along with expanding incumbents, are reshaping the AR landscape, providing more opportunities for customers and developers,” said Eleftheria Kouri, Research Analyst. Read more


The Use Cases of Quantum Computing Are Key to Countries’ Next-Generation Economic Curve and Global Leadership (by ABI Research's Malik Saadi)

Money Inc.

Why are advanced nations investing heavily in quantum computing? Simply because this technology will enable them to stay ahead in terms of R&D advances, which will in turn allow them to lead the deployment and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies in the future.

For this reason, quantum computing represents a tremendous opportunity for hyper-scale processing service providers and technology makers that are currently looking at upgrading facilities using quantum technology to support new use cases that would not be possible using classical computers. ABI Research has investigated the role quantum technology will play in transforming the cloud business, particularly in hyper-scale computing. Read the full article

Will XI Jinping's Dream of Becoming the Global AI Leader Turn into Reality?


“2017 had been a great year for China,” admits principal analyst of ABI Research, Lian Jye Su. He adds, “But most investments were focused only on a few successful startups, such as Bytedance, Sensetime, Face++, Cambricon Technologies and Horizon Robotics. As the industry continues to figure out new use cases and business models, the AI investment sentiment has become less based on hype and more on careful analysis of business models and use cases.” Read the full article

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