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Three New Whitepapers Now Available

ABI Research has developed three new whitepapers in support of the wide-ranging coverage our analysts provide on transformative technologies, helping you stay up-to-date on technology innovation and strategy. Covered topics include AI and Machine Learning, Location-as-a-Service, as well as Quantum Computing, and are as follows:

Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Media and Entertainment (sponsored by AWS) encourages M&E companies to welcome increased adoption of AI and Machine Learning. The barriers for developing AI applications have been lowered, and taking advantage of this accessibility can help companies increase their revenue streams.

As-a-Service Model Key for Large-Scale Deployment of Indoor Location Services (sponsored by Comtech) examines the use cases for introducing Location-as-a-Service to allow indoor location tech suppliers deeper and more integrated interaction with customers.

The Use Cases of Quantum Computing Are Key to Countries’ Next-Generation Economic Curve and Global Leadership – Quantum computing is still in its embryonic stage, and the industry continues to address challenges in scalability, technology stability, and cost efficiency. This whitepaper explores the different hardware and software approaches currently at stake.

Executive Foresights

Telco Infrastructure Vendors Need to Ride a Wave of Creative Destruction to Address Industrial Verticals

Telco infrastructure vendors are increasingly pursuing new-growth opportunities beyond the traditional telco value chain. In tandem with the core telco market, there is growing interest in nurturing a disruptive growth wave coming from industrial digitalization and automation. Specifically, vendors are investing in new technologies that aim to replace the inefficient legacy industrial structure(s) of today with new automated and converged processes set to redefine the inner workings of asset-heavy enterprise segments.

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Featured Research

Featured News

Henrique Rocha
Henrique Rocha
Research Analyst

Dual-Band Precision GNSS Market Moving from Insignificant to Billions in Less Than Five Years

After many years of development at the fringe of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) industry, dual-frequency GNSS devices are finally ready to hit the mass market and will account for more than a billion chipset shipments in 2023, according to a new market data report by ABI Research. The report finds that the bulk of this growth will come from the adoption in the smartphone market with consumers hungry for better location accuracy.

“On the availability side, this year has seen several satellites launched into orbit every month, most of them fitted with L5/E5 capabilities, and the Chinese and European Union governments plan to have their satellite constellations fully operational by 2020. L5/E5 devices will not be left in the dark,” said Henrique Rocha at ABI Research. Read more.

Lian Jye Su
Lian Jye Su
Principal Analyst

Deep Learning-Based Machine Vision Accelerates the Drive Toward the Smart Factory

Conventional machine vision technology remains popular in the manufacturing factory, due to its proven repeatability, reliability, and stability. However, the emergence of deep learning technologies opens the possibility of expanded capabilities and flexibility, leading to more cost efficiency and higher production yield. Deep learning technologies offer so much potential that deep learning-based machine vision techniques in smart manufacturing will see a CGAR of 20% between 2017 and 2023, with a revenue that will reach US$34 billion by 2023, according to ABI Research.

“This is in part driven by the democratization of deep learning capabilities. The emergence of various open source Artificial Intelligence (AI) frameworks, such as TensorFlow, Caffe2, and MXNet lowers the barrier to entry for the adoption of deep learning-based machine vision,” said Lian Jye Su, a Principal Analyst. Read more


Is Europe's 5G Spectrum Strategy Falling Behind?

Mobile Europe

Europe's penchant for hands-on regulation could damage 5G's deployment before it properly starts, writes Dimitris Mavrakis, ABI Research. Read the article

Silicon Valley Helped Build Huawei. Washington Could Dismantle It.

Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

Huawei is by far the biggest-spending Chinese tech company when it comes to research and development. It has an in-house chip-design unit that is the seventh largest in the world. It is working on high-end chips for artificial intelligence, and its chips are increasingly displacing foreign suppliers in its smartphones: Only 7% of the semiconductors inside Huawei’s top-of-the-line P20 Pro are from American suppliers, according to ABI Research, compared with 60% in ZTE’s high-end Axon M device. Read more

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