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Cellular M2M Rate Plans: Next Up Is “Throttling”-as-a-Service

Cellular operators are deploying M2M services with the latest LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT technologies with rate plans for IoT applications and M2M services that are following the traditional smartphone data plan approach. In many applications, the IoT mostly-sleepy-node model is expected to contribute relatively light data loads, on average. Average is a difficult concept in many IoT applications: while the anticipated traffic under normal conditions may be easy to estimate, the exceptional event or emergency attention messages will need both priority handling and reliable network access. M2M cellular data service is evolving to “bandwidth on demand,” and the critical question is, will capacity be available when needed?

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ABI Research Ranks Verizon, Trimble and Geotab as Top Commercial Telematics Suppliers

Verizon retains its lead among 12 strategic commercial telematics suppliers in ABI Research’s recent competitive analysis. Trimble and Geotab ranked second and third place, respectively. Trimble came remarkably close, benefitting from its scale, extensively broad verticals as well as converged telematics and video.  Geotab has had a dramatic rise from a 14th ranking only two years ago by developing a secure, scalable and open platform that has won both strategic customers and partners across the commercial telematics industry.

The 15 Startup Innovators That are Set to Light Up the Blockchain Cybersecurity Market

Blockchain technology is most often associated with cryptocurrencies and financial services applications.  But, it’s the very decentralized nature and cryptographic anchor of blockchain that makes it a prime foundation for cybersecurity solutions, particularly considering the continued mass-scale data breaches and identity theft happening on a worldwide scale and within the most well-guarded corporate perimeters.  The race is on for blockchain-based cybersecurity. ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory firm providing strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies, has identified the fifteen startups in the blockchain-based cybersecurity space who are driving these unprecedented security solutions.


The San Francisco Chronicle - Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise delights in showing potential of robots

After developing its first robot, the company became what ABI Research called "an industry darling," but needed further financing to continue.

The Daily Caller - Building The Right Environment For The President’s 5G Leadership Call

study released last week, by ABI Research and sponsored by my company, outlined the potential cost savings to be had: over US$5 trillion annually by 2022 saved by enterprises, governments and citizens globally through smart city technology.

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