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5G Spectrum Will Turn into an Easily Tradeable Commodity

Following the Italian 5G spectrum auction last October, which was somewhat of a shock, the whole telecommunications industry has been carefully following the activity around the German spectrum auctions. Italian Mobile Service Provider (MSPs) paid a total of €6.55 billion for 5G spectrum. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, has just completed its record long, 497 round 5G spectrum action and raised also €6.55 billon. Based on recent 5G spectrum auctions, the business potential in enterprise verticals, and skyrocketing consumer data traffic in the next decade, interest in 5G spectrum is higher than any other telecommunications generation before it.

5G supports three main spectrum bands: sub 1 GHz, mid-band (between 1 GHz and 6 GHz), and high-band (over 24.25 GHz. In order to not miss the ability to offer a full 5G experience, MSPs need to operate in all the three in long-term. However, the pricing of these frequencies varies significantly: from the beginning of the 5G auctions, the 3.4-3.8 GHz and the 2.5 GHz have proved to be the most valuable based on three main factors . . .

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E-Commerce Explosion Will Generate US$5 Billion in Warehouse Management System Market Revenue and 57,000 New Warehouses Globally By 2025

By 2025, The global Warehouse Management System (WMS) market will be worth US$5 billion, growing at a CAGR of 13.9%, finds ABI Research. Over the same forecast period, 57,000 more warehouses will be in operation than in 2018. The continued growth of the e-commerce market and rising customer expectations are putting enormous pressure on warehouses to execute more rapid and flexible deliveries. This is driving investment in warehouse facilities, automation technologies, and warehouse management systems to coordinate and optimize operations.

“The warehouse is becoming the engine room of the supply chain and is, therefore, a focal point for investment from retailers, manufacturers, and logistics service providers,” says Nick Finill, Principal Analyst. “As the warehouse technology ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, supply chain operators require more sophisticated management systems that can orchestrate the high volume and variety of intelligent, connected devices and systems within their facilities, as well as the flow of inventory.” Read more

Don Alusha
Don Alusha
Senior Analyst

Telco Edge: A Contested US$54 Billion Opportunity for Telecom Players

Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) are centralizing telecoms infrastructure in their private clouds and at the same time, trying to understand how they can deploy edge computing across their networks. The impending commercialization of ‘telco edge’ constitutes a ‘white space’ opportunity that will usher in significant growth for both the supply and demand side in telecoms, finds ABI Research. There are a handful of new emerging applications, including self-driving caps, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that require distributed processing capabilities that only edge computing can offer.

“In a business setting, nothing big starts big from the onset and tomorrow’s growth is not easy to spot for commercial entities lacking a clear understanding of the opportunity at stake,” said Don Alusha, Senior Analyst. “On one hand, the increasingly growing market for telco edge solutions and services is no doubt tomorrow’s opportunity, but it is one that is currently very complex in terms of technologies and competing stakeholders. MSPs, on the other hand, are in limbo - they understand the edge holds great potential, but they don’t yet know how to make money out of it. They need a “hero” edge application to kick start this market.” Read more


Huawei-U.S. Clash Mars China's Biggest Mobile Forum

Bloomberg News

The U.S. blacklisting of Huawei Technologies Co. and other top Chinese tech companies is making it trickier for some mobile industry professionals to get down to business. The June 26-28 Mobile World Congress Shanghai, China’s largest forum for the mobile industry, is scheduled to start amid almost daily salvos from the Trump administration aimed at Huawei and other technology companies in the world’s largest mobile phone market.

“The danger for international companies, especially American companies, is that they are ceding these opportunities to influence the marketplace to non-American companies, which can have knock-on consequences that could be far greater than some had anticipated,’’ said Jake Saunders, a vice president at ABI Research, and a scheduled speaker and moderator at the conference. Read the full article

YouTube Rolls Out Augmented Reality for Viewers to Virtually Try on Makeup


With AR Beauty Try-On, a viewer can see how a shade of lipstick looks on themselves while watching their favorite creator review it or explain how to apply it, for instance. They can then click through to purchase the product.

“YouTube has a big community of bloggers and audience, so definitely this will help companies increase their sales and engagement,” said Eleftheria Kouri, an AR analyst at tech advisory ABI Research. Read the full article

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