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How IoT Drives Field Service Transformation

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM EDT

The IOT is streamlining and optimizing field service work on every level. Connected equipment with the right sensors are dramatically improving field service teams’ performance, enhancing end-user operations and improving customer satisfaction.

Hear in detail how the IoT is driving digital transformation of field services by enabling:

  • Remote diagnosis and repair that minimizes truck rolls and better prepares technicians to maximize first-time-fix rates when an on-site visit is required
  • Better reporting and data quality that improves SLAs and reduces the costs of service delivery and service parts inventory
  • Improved customer and workforce satisfaction by minimizing unplanned equipment failures, downtime, and technician time-on-site


Dan Shey: Vice President, ABI Research
Jonathan Kadane: Managing Director and Vice President at PTC

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COVID 19, Wi-Fi Sensing, and Aging in Place Monitoring

At the end of last year, the United Nations estimated that the global population aged 65+ living alone or with a spouse reached nearly 280 million.

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Wearables on the Frontline: Helping the Fight against COVID-19

The fast move to adopt wearables currently in use, the valuable data they provide, the quick development of new products and studies, and the fast approval by the healthcare regulatory agencies is aiding this move to utilize wearables during these difficult times.

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Are Suppliers Ready for the Imminent Merger of Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring Systems?

It is now well accepted that camera-based DMS is the most appropriate way to directly track driver drowsiness and distraction and perform safe, vehicle-initiated handover in semi-autonomous cars.

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Decoding the Process of Commoditization and De-Commoditization in Telecoms

In an economic sense, a commodity is a good that is traded as if it is fungible—one unit is indistinguishable from another. From a business perspective, a commoditized product has no (engineering) differentiation.

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Nokia’s Alleged Fight against a Hostile Takeover Illustrates the Bumpy Road Ahead

With the rising competition from Webscale companies—like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google, and the like—Nokia’s current situation serves as perfect illustration of the difficult situation that network infrastructure vendors find themselves in. 

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Blockchain Delivering Supply Chain Visibility for BMW

BMW’s ultimate objective is to create an open platform so that anonymized information can be shared throughout the supply chain, removing the need for paperwork, reducing ambiguities, and providing transparency to all parties.

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Featured News

Dimitrios Pavlakis
Dimitrios Pavlakis
Industry Analyst

COVID-19 Pandemic Pummels Biometrics Market Causing Device Revenues to Drop by US$2 Billion While Forcing Investment Surge in AI Face Recognition Applications

According to ABI Research, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to cause a significant pushback on biometric device shipments, creating a major revenue drop of US$2 billion over the course of 2020. At the same, the pandemic has given rise to new identification and surveillance needs, spurring further investments in biometric Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm design, which will give a boost to the face recognition technologies market going forward.

Contact biometric technologies like fingerprint and vein have been dealt a substantial blow due to new governmental regulations targeting contact and close-proximity interactions. Fingerprint biometrics vendors are struggling to uphold the new stringent hygiene and infectious control protocols. These regulations have been correctly introduced for the safety of users and personnel, but they have also affected sales in certain verticals,” explains Dimitrios Pavlakis, Digital Security Analyst.

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Dominique Bonte
Dominique Bonte
Vice President, Verticals/End Markets

COVID-19 to Accelerate Adoption of Technology-Enabled Smart Cities Resilience Approaches: Robotics, Digital Twins, and Autonomous Freight

While many of the measures taken by city governments during COVID-19 are decided on the fly requiring high levels of improvisation, it has resulted in a rich laboratory type learning experience in terms of how to take advantage of the inherent flexibility of technologies to address emergency situations and challenges linked to demand-response management of assets and services,” says Dominique Bonte, Vice President End Markets. “This will have a lasting impact, coming out of COVID-19 during and after the drawn-out recovery period, in the form of a step change in how resilience is approached  and generalized, allowing to prepare better for future calamities, a distinct silver lining on a very dark COVID-19 cloud.”

At the same time cities are reaping the benefits of a digital only lifestyle in the form of the sudden adoption of e-Government services, e-Health and teleconsultation, remote work, online education, and e-Commerce resulting in huge drops in traffic levels. These, in turn, are dramatically decreasing congestion, fatalities, and air pollution. Importantly, post-COVID-19 traffic levels are expected to only reach between 80% and 90% of the pre-COVID-19 levels, as digital lifestyles take hold more permanently, driven by both public and private initiatives and incentives. The result will have lasting positive effects on the environment.

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Wi-Fi in need of an upgrade? Don’t worry, Wi-Fi 6E is on its way

Tech HQ

The FCC passed a vote to open up the 6GHz spectrum for unlicensed use and it's “hard to overstate” the potential.

“The outbreak of COVID-19 is creating a need for flexibility that will fuel the future of connectivity,” noted Andrew Zignani, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, while a recent report commissioned by the Wi-Fi Alliance indicated that, by as early as 2020, wifi networks – which currently broadcast over 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz – will need significantly more spectrum in order to satisfy increased traffic demands.

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COVID-19 Could Spark Faster Adoption of Mobile Robotics


Analysts from ABI Research say crises tend to shift perceptions in both the private and government sectors quickly — and that automated technologies are likely already doing so in the era of “social distancing.”

The report highlighted three companies, in particular:

  • Denmark’s UVD Robots, which is increasing its deployments of robots that use UV light to disinfect hospitals;
  • Germ Falcon, based in Los Angeles, which uses similar technology to disinfect aircraft; and
  • Areas of Wuhan — where the virus appears to have materialized late last year — that are being cleaned by robots from Chinese firm TMiRob.
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