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Where Does 4G/5G Private Wireless Fit into the Manufacturer's Digitalization Journey?

Date: April 2, 2020 | Time: 10:00 a.m. EST

While there is a steady increase in 4G network deployments and 5G trials in many other industries, for manufacturers 4G/5G deployments are just beginning due in part to technical and business questions and the benefits it provides over other alternatives. Questions such as: When should I consider upgrading to 4G or 5G networking to support my critical operations control network? What are the top use cases where 4G/5G can help me in my digitalization plans?

Nokia and ABI Research sought to find answers to these questions and gain insights into Manufacturing views on 4G/5G networking by conducting a survey of over 600 management level respondents in select countries with the highest GDP% in Manufacturing and in three key vertical segments: Automotive, Consumer Goods and Machinery. Join this webinar, during which ABI Research and Nokia will present findings and insights from this survey.

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Hexagon Enriches Its Digital Twin User Experience with OSIsoft Connection

The HxGN SDx Connector for OSIsoft, which was released in February 2020, enables the firms’ mutual customers to integrate data collected via OSIsoft into HxGN SDx digital twins. 

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Gearing up Space Cybersecurity for the IoT Era

The new Space ISAC held its first its first industry-government interchange forum in January 2020. The forum was created in 2019, when the U.S. space industry got together during the Space Symposium and announced its intention to set up a Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) at the behest of the interagency Science & Technology Partnership Forum and the National Space Council.

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AT&T’s Advance on Manufacturing: Starts with IT, Ends with OT

AT&T’s SI organization works with alliance companies that are interested in the sale of its products, solutions, services, technologies, and capabilities, including IBM, Microsoft, DXC, etc

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Rakuten Mobile’s Open Virtual Radio Access Network at the Pace of Technology Innovation

To drive innovation in establishing a new cost-effective and flexible operating strategy, Rakuten Mobile started to develop the world’s first End-to-End (E2E) cloud-native mobile network in April 2019, with one of its main focuses being open virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN).

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Geopolitics and OpenRAN

The current geopolitical climate and the competition between China and the United States has distorted the telecoms market and created two parallel evolution paths: one in China, with Huawei and ZTE, and another in Europe, with Ericsson and Nokia driving developments.

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Nokia to Offer Network Slicing for 4G and 5G by This Summer

This comes alongside news of a potential delay in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)’s Release 16 and Release 17 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

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Michael Inouye
Michael Inouye
Principal Analyst

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact: A Drastic Increase in Online Services and Content Consumption Will Bolster Cloud Gaming Revenues to US$4.5 Billion by 2024

The need for social distancing and sheltering in home during the COVID-19 pandemic could accelerate the adoption of cloud gaming services among new gamers who are looking for additional sources of entertainment, giving a bump to this market which has recently seen some lackluster launches and issues with content, reaffirming the original forecast of nearly US$4.5 billion in revenue by 2024 – so long as cloud gaming services can support a higher load of concurrent users and provide a good first impression, states ABI Research.

The impact of the COVID-19 has and will continue to take a toll on the global economy until it is contained. But not all markets are equally impacted, and the cloud services and content markets are a prime example,” says Michael Inouye, Principal Analyst.

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David McQueen
David McQueen
Research Director

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact: Production of Smartphones Will Fall as Much as 30% in the First Half of 2020

The ripples from China will be felt globally,” says David McQueen, 5G Devices Research Director. With China located at the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, the resultant impact has been disastrous for the global mobile device market, which has subsequently witnessed mass disruption to its production lines and a stalling of related supply chains caused by labor shortages and inactive logistics. 

Significantly, in the short term, there will be an adverse effect on 5G devices. No sooner had 5G smartphones started to gain some traction and break into the market in significant numbers, than the outbreak will now trigger a suppression of its near-term growth, pushing out the development and introduction of affordable 5G phones.” McQueen explains. 

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COVID-19 pandemic will force companies to radically rethink how they operate

Modern Materials Handling

The Coronavirus outbreak and the worldwide reaction to the pandemic will force companies to radically rethink how they operate and embrace technological investment, states global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research.

In its new white paper, Taking Stock of COVID-19: The Short- and Long-Term Ramifications on Technology and End Markets, ABI Research Analysts look at the current and future ramifications of COVID-19 across technologies and verticals. Analysts also offer recommendations to weather the storm and strategies to help companies rebound and prosper after the pandemic has slowed. 

To effect change, there must be a stimulation of a magnitude that means companies cannot do anything but make bold decisions to survive. COVID-19 is that magnitude,” explains Stuart Carlaw, Chief Research Officer at ABI Research.

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