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5G Smartphone Market in a Hurry to Reach Mid-Range in 2020

Over the past couple of weeks, lead global smartphone vendors Samsung and Huawei revealed the number of 5G smartphone units shipped in 2019, which were released as 6.7 million and 6.9 million respectively. While this is a healthy start to the anticipated explosion in volume of 5G devices, it is more impressive when considering that the majority emanated from premium, high-priced models. For the time being, these volumes have been mostly confined to the United States, South Korea, parts of Europe, and China for the tail end of the year. With a plethora of cheaper 5G smartphone models expected to arrive in 2020, room at the top will quickly evaporate.

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Kateryna Dubrova
Kateryna Dubrova
Research Analyst

Top Cloud Vendors Look to Partnerships to Grab Their Piece of the IoT Analytics Pie

As cloud suppliers continue to grow their footprint in the IoT value chain, their investments in data and analytics services are accelerating. Based on the review of cloud vendor offerings, recent acquisitions, and competitive outlook, ABI Research forecasts that cloud suppliers will grow their share of IoT data and analytics management revenues from US$6 billion in 2019 to US$56 billion in 2026.

While the growth is impressive, cloud vendors' services today are focused on data management complemented by a generic analytics toolset. Cloud vendor revenues come primarily from streaming, storage, and the orchestration of data. Analytics services across cloud vendors, on the other hand, are less differentiated, as reflected in pre-built templates such as AWS Sagemaker and Microsoft Azure Notebooks which leverage the open source Jupyter project. Considering that many cloud vendors are in the early stages of analytics investment, cloud vendors are relying on their partners for addressing more specific advanced analytics and vertical market needs.  

“The overall approach shown by cloud suppliers in their analytics services reflects the dilemma they face in the complex IoT partnership ecosystem,” says Kateryna Dubrova, Research Analyst. “Effectively, do they rely on partners for analytics services, or do they build analytics services that compete with them?” 

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Maite Bezerra
Maite Bezerra
Research Analyst

LTE Drives Short-Term Opportunity for Cooperative Mobility

Cooperative mobility is set to be propelled by the mass adoption of Long-Term Evolution (LTE Uu) vehicle connections and investment in roadside infrastructure connectivity. Shipments of vehicles that can communicate with LTE networks and road traffic agents will reach 62 million by the end of 2020 and over 97 million in 2024, according to a new market data report from ABI Research. Most of these shipments — 98% in 2020 — will be led by vehicles that can share and receive messages about the vehicle status and the existence of dangerous situations via a traditional cellular network connection (V2N).

“V2N offers the greatest opportunity in the next 4 years, with 60.8 million shipments in 2020 rising to 76.6 million in 2024. This represents an immediate monetization opportunity for players, yet not many OEMs offer V2N services to drivers, says Maite Bezerra, Research Analyst.

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Home broadband providers face an uncertain future in the 5G era


Mobile phone companies pitch 5G, the superfast successor to today's wireless networks, as a huge opportunity. The nascent technology will, in theory, make their service indispensable to subscribers who use data-hungry video games, smart home devices, and want blazing fast Internet speeds.

But that same 5G technology creates an uncertain future for home broadband providers, the cable and telecom companies that offer wired Internet service to more than 100 million subscribers nationwide. If consumers can use 5G to stream Netflix and play Apex Legends at home, why would they pay for traditional broadband?

Consumer interest in 5G is already strong, says ABI Research analyst Khin Sandi Lynn. Frustrated by slow speeds, many consumers want an alternative. "Home broadband users who currently experience slower fixed broadband speeds will want to switch to 5G as soon as possible," Lynn says. "5G will be a good option to replace last-mile fiber-optic connections."

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We tried out the Galaxy Z Flip phone. Samsung could be onto something

CNN Business

The 6.7-inch smartphone folds into a square about half its size, with a small rectangular display on the front cover for notifications. It comes in three colors — purple, black and gold — and [went] on sale Friday February 14 in select stores and online. At $1,380, the Z Flip is far from affordable, but with a new, sturdier design and almost as much computing power as the Samsung flagship smartphone, the company could be onto something.

"After years of complacency in the smartphone market, waiting for some design innovation, there is little doubt that foldable smartphones are set to become the next technology innovation trend," said David McQueen, research director at tech advisory firm ABI Research. "Despite the obvious and immediate issues with getting them to market — notably high barriers to entry, extreme hardware innovation, seamless user experiences and current eye-wateringly high prices — foldable displays are set to become an important form factor in future product portfolios bringing much needed innovation into device design."

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