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2020 Will Be Another Promising Year for Augmented Reality Market, with Increased Adoption, Better Hardware, and 5G Ready Devices

The introduction of new AR glasses will democratize more AR solutions in 2020. More specifically, it is expected that the wider competition, in combination with technological advancements, will spur decreased prices, allowing more business to implement AR solutions and more consumers to consider experimenting with AR tools beyond mobile based gaming/entertainment applications. Fashionable design and higher quality materials are critical features for consumer smartglass mainstream adoption; Bosch and Focals have an advantage in the market due to their planned slim/sharp frames and light weight. In addition, another advantage is the fact that they do not include an embedded camera, which may encourage purchases for socially conscious and public usage. However, Bosch and Focals lack the capability for more interactive and immersive Mixed Reality (MR) applications and are limited only to hands-free accessing/controlling smartphone applications and notifications.

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Andrew Zignani
Andrew Zignani
Principal Analyst

Bluetooth IoT Market Set to Nearly Quadruple by 2024 as Smart Home Exceeds 800 Million Device Shipments

The smart home market is forecasted to account for over 13% of Bluetooth device shipments by 2024, equating to over 815 million Bluetooth-enabled products at this time, finds ABI ResearchThe tremendous growth in a wide range of device types, including smart lighting, voice-control front ends, smart appliances and sensors, among others, many of which support Bluetooth, is propelling the market to grow from 250 million units in 2019 to become one of Bluetooth’s largest market opportunities over the next five years.  

“The smart home market is beginning to ramp up, and strong growth for wireless devices and services is anticipated over the next few years as an increasing number of homes deploy solutions,” says Andrew Zignani, Principal Analyst. “Bluetooth’s growing presence in voice control front ends from the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Baidu, and Xiaomi makes up a significant portion of this growth, alongside increased traction within smart lighting, smart appliances, door locks, sensors, and many other device types,” Zignani adds. Read more

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Dimitris Mavrakis
Dimitris Mavrakis
Senior Research Director

A New Breed of Startups Are Stirring Up the 5G Antenna Market

There has been significant investment in cellular and 5G antenna R&D in 2019, with the United States taking the leading position in millimeter Wave innovation. This means that the U.S. market may take a lead in mmWave 5G networks in terms of intellectual property, something which will become more important as 5G networks get widely deployed, states ABI ResearchAlthough the United States does not have a native telecom infrastructure vendor, a new breed of startups and smaller companies may become serious contenders in the global patent war for the next wave of 5G networks.

“Major innovation is happening across the market for 5G and cellular antennas as mobile operators start to focus on 5G, active antennas, and mmWave,” says Dimitris Mavrakis, Research Director. “This means that incumbent infrastructure vendors and antenna manufacturers may not be the key stakeholders for tomorrow’s networks, or that merger and acquisition activity is imminent in the 5G antenna market.” Read more.

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Neon's 'Artificial Human' is a Scary Glimpse of the Future That's (Mostly) Still Hype

CNN Business

Star Labs, an innovation lab backed by Samsung, displayed its AI-powered lifeforms called Neons at CES in videos on giant TVs. At human scale, one is a yoga instructor who can help you perfect your downward-facing dog; another is a local news anchor who can deliver the news based on interests in your preferred language while a financial adviser Neon can help get your retirement plan in order.

"As demonstrated by Neon, we are still very far from a commercially ready AGI solution," principal analyst Lian Jye Su of ABI Research said. "The best AI nowadays are narrow [ones] that performs singular tasks very well, such as the camera AI in our smartphones, the defect inspection camera AI on an assembly line, and the facial recognition AI in payment terminals."

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The Hottest Thing in Robotics is an Open Source Project You've Never Heard Of


While the open source projects behind the rise of data science are reasonably well known (e.g., TensorFlow and Keras, among others), most people aren't aware that robotics is also heavily influenced by open source and, in particular, by the Robot Operating System (ROS). Given the importance of ROS to the swelling open source robotics community, it's worth learning a bit more about it.

ROS has been around for over 10 years and has tens of thousands of developers building packages for it. In fact, according to ABI Research, roughly 55% of the world's robots will include a ROS package by 2024.

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