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Demystifying the LPWA Technology Market Hype

August 13 | 12:00 p.m. ET
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As the LPWA technology market continues to evolve, it is faced with fierce competition from Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IOT, LTE-M, and other LPWA technologies. This competition has also fueled significant market hype.

LPWA network technologies will certainly be integral to enable digital transformation across various industries and address a broad spectrum of IoT applications. However, there is still uncertainty regarding the key vertical IoT use-cases that will drive future growth and as a result has fueled significant market hype for LPWA network technologies.

This webinar will provide the audience with much needed clarity on the LPWA market by analyzing the challenges and opportunities in key vertical IoT applications and discussing how LPWA technologies can address those opportunities. 


  • Adarsh Krishnan, Principal Analyst, ABI Research
  • James Blackman, Editor, Enterprise IoT Insights

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Has 3GPP Missed the Enterprise Verticals Boat?

While consumers are eagerly waiting for 5G to be deployed, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is already working behind the scenes to frame the 5G environment for enterprise vertical use cases.

With 3GPP Release 15 not yet fully frozen (the full specification of the late drop is projected to be finished by Q3 2019), the standardization committee recently gave an insight on the agenda for releases 16, 17, and beyond (the freeze of release 16 is planned to be June 2020), providing an interesting, yet somewhat inconclusive update regarding where 3GPP wants to move in terms of 5G. 

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Lance Wilson
Lance Wilson
Research Director

5G RF Power Semiconductor Device Sales for Wireless Infrastructure Take Off

Just when the industry thought that things were pretty good for 4G/LTE Wireless RF Power Semiconductors, devices for 5G NR low- and mid-band took off as the overall market grew to US$1 billion in 2018.  The market will continue to climb nearly US$2 billion by 2024, according to a new report from ABI Research.

China and the Asia-Pacific region, in general, continues to be the main driver for the RF power semiconductor devices sold into the mobile wireless infrastructure segment. “Once again, for the foreseeable future, the Asia-Pacific region, especially China, will dominate this market and remain the most important region and focus for high power RF semiconductor devices for wireless infrastructure,” says Lance Wilson, Research Director. Read more

Harriet Sumnall
Harriet Sumnall
Research Analyst

With 400 Million Smart Water Meters to be Installed Worldwide by 2026, Scalable Meter Data Management is Crucial

As pressures of climate change and water wastage rise, smart water meters are becoming increasingly critical for global water conservation efforts by utilities to track water usage and identify waste and leakage. This drive for the digitalization of water utilities’ distribution network will result in an installed base of 400 million smart water meters worldwide by 2026, according to ABI Research.

Since smart meters produce a massive amount of data, Meter Data Management (MDM) systems are essential to convert meter data into useful and actionable insights. “In the energy sector, MDM platforms play a crucial role in the efficient use of smart electricity meters,” says Harriet Sumnall, Research Analyst. “Similarly, in the water utility market, MDM platforms are needed to extract the most useful water meter data  to ensure identifying and classifying not only revenue-generating water usage but also water loss considered “non-revenue” water.” Read more


Over 233 Million 4K TVs to Ship in 2024, with 8K on the Horizon


As worldwide TV household penetration is quite saturated, the flat panel TV market has been driven by consumer adoption of TVs with higher resolution, larger screen size, and connected and integrated applications and services. While flat panel TV makers have announced 8K TV sets, it is the 4K TV market that will continue to grow to cement its place as the mainstream TV format over the next few years. ABI Research forecasts that 4K flat panel TV shipments will grow at 13 percent CAGR to reach 233 million in 2024.

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What's Next in AI as the Debate Around Race and Criminal Justice Surges


When the stakes are this high and complicated by issues of race at a particularly sensitive time across cultures, can technology help off-set centuries-old norms for cases like this now and in the future?

"Unfortunately this is a very difficult one to answer," says Lian Jye Su, AI expert and Principal Analyst at ABI Research. "What we are looking for is a perfectly neutral law enforcement agency that is free of all biases and discriminations during its decision-making process. We may look to artificial intelligence to help, but we'd need to make sure the following two things happened: that such a system would be based on a completely bias-free historical dataset and that all AI models would be trained with the same data."

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