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Networking Protocols For 5G And Beyond

TCP/IP has been the cornerstone of all Internet communications and by extension, 4G and 5G. However, TCP/IP was designed decades ago when mobility, cellular handovers, IoT devices, and many more aspects that we take for granted today were not even conceivable. This leads to an inefficient use of the network, since communication overheads place a burden on the communication channel leading to a worse user experience, high energy, and network costs.

Several new protocols are now being proposed to improve or even replace TCP/IP and many other aspects of the communication stack. Some of these include Information Centric Protocols, Cisco hICP, ETSI’s Non-IP, and Huawei’s New IP.

This webinar will discuss these new initiatives and explain why these are necessary going forward.

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Facebook Goes All in on the Metaverse by Rebranding Itself Meta

Mark Zuckerberg’s updated Founder’s Letter 2021 paints a compelling foundation and framework for Meta to begin building toward the metaverse—not to build and own it but to accelerate its development. 

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Google Distributed Cloud: Google Cloud Moves On-Premises

The Google Distributed Cloud is built on Anthos, Google’s cloud agnostic, unified, container-centric platform for orchestrating and managing infrastructure and applications across multiple public and private locations. 

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Neuromorphic Computing and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Recent advances in neuromorphic computing, especially the commercialization of neuromorphic chips by industrial giants such as Intel, hint at a future of ultra-low power but high-performance AI applications that would be ideally suited to cloud and edge technology.

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Snakes in the Greenfield - Ransomware Attacks Escalate in Industrial and Manufacturing

During the last four years the number of (known) cyberattacks on industrial and manufacturing infrastructure has risen considerably—including ransomware with quite precise extortion objectives for specific types of data (emails, servers, customers, etc.).

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Telit’s New Prepaid Plans Complete a Suite of IoT Connectivity

In Telit’s own words, its new prepaid plans are intended for use in “short lifecycle solutions,” and instances where a one-off payment for connectivity is preferable to “complex monthly invoicing.”

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Adhish Luitel
Adhish Luitel
Industry Analyst

Oracle NetSuite, Blue Yonder, EPG, and Manhattan Associates are Leaders in ABI Research’s Warehouse Management System Competitive Ranking

The Warehouse Management System Competitive Ranking by ABI Research provides an in-depth and unbiased examination of the solutions offered by nine Warehouse Management System (WMS) platform providers. Each provider was evaluated on certain chosen technological and implementation criteria, including forecasting capability, partner network, open platform capabilities, user experience, and other transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), operational monitoring functionalities, and integration capabilities. These criteria and their subsegments were identified as the most vital for the evolution of WMS platforms in supporting warehousing and logistics operations. The companies evaluated and ranked are:

Market Leaders: Oracle NetSuite, Blue Yonder, Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG), Manhattan Associates
Mainstream: Mantis, HighJump (Körber), Infor
Followers: Epicor, Logiwa

As the warehouse robotics sector matures, software platforms with comprehensive integration capabilities are proving to be the difference-maker. Compatibility with various hardware solutions, such as Radio Frequency (RF) scanners/terminals, label printers, and robots, is now seen as an imperative capability for WMS platforms, with existing hardware solutions bearing more functionality. Flexibility and seamless ERP integration have been another critical factor with the rise of e-commerce and an abundance of various selling platforms,” explains Adhish Luitel, Industry Analyst, Supply Chain Management and Logistics. “The WMS market is set to be valued over US$10 billion by 2030.”

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Maite Bezerra
Maite Bezerra
Research Analyst

Less than 6% of New Vehicles Shipped with Android Automotive OS will feature Google Automotive Services in 2025

According to ABI Research, Android Automotive OS (AAOS) will become the predominant automotive OS in shipped new vehicles, outpacing QNX and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) in 2025. Nevertheless, this does not reflect the pace of Google Automotive Services (GAS) adoption. Less than 6% of new vehicles shipped with AAOS will feature GAS in 2025.

"AAOS will see rapid adoption because it allows carmakers to provide a smartphone-like experience while considerably reducing software development costs that can be diverted to creating unique in-vehicle experiences. However, AAOS and GAS adoption is unlikely to go hand-in-hand. Despite public announcements, the added obligatoriness of complying to Android compatibility requirements, limitations in customization and ownership, and uncertainties over long-term support mean that carmakers are cautious about deploying GAS in production vehicles,” explains Maite Bezerra, Smart Mobility & Automotive Analyst.

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How Digital Transformation Could Change Research And Development For Pharmaceutical And Beauty Companies


Talking about research and development for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries used to conjure up images of scientists isolated in laboratories. Today, digital technology is set to change the field radically; digital factory revenue alone could reach $4.5 billion by 2030, according to ABI Research (via PR Newswire), and pharmaceutical manufacturers could spend $1.2 billion on data analytics by 2030.

The laboratories are still there, but digital technologies are influencing every aspect of scientific work and its connection to marketing.

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Video game consoles and smartphones will be harder to find this holiday season

CNN Business

The global chip shortage is making it harder for shoppers to get their hands on some of the most sought after tech gadgets of the holiday season.

Filomena Iovino, research analyst at technology intelligence firm ABI Research, said shoppers may have better luck getting certain products depending on where they live.

"Geographically, Apple knows its strongest markets for iPhone sales, and these will be the ones prioritized to receive new product shipments," Iovino said. "This may result in a lack of availability, or delayed availability, in lower-tier markets, but should not impact price."

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