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Contract Manufacturing Platforms to Alleviate Manufacturing Bottle Necks

Online marketplaces for contract manufacturing help customers save time to commission suppliers for short batch runs, providing additional revenues for contract manufacturers instead of their machines remaining idle. However, there remain concerns for all parties.

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Micromobility Continues to Expand as Amsterdam-Based Dott Widens Fleet Offerings

The launch is set to include 10,000 e-bikes in major European and U.K. cities which includes Paris, Rome, Brussels and London by the end of 2021, enabling end users to have a choice of which green transport method they wish to use.

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Real-Time Tracking Systems Key to Ease Supply Chain Disruptions

Smaller companies have reported up to nine-month fulfillment delays on orders from China, while larger ones are struggling to keep inventories filled in North America and Europe.

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Stratasys Introduces Open Software Platform for Production Additive Manufacturing

Since the start of 2021, Stratasys has added more than 10 technology partners, including Identify3D, Link3D, IndusIntel, Vistory, Teton Simulation, and AMFG.

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What is to Come for Private Networks in 2022? Insights from the Early Adopter Markets Across the Globe

In terms of enterprise verticals, education, hospitality, healthcare, oil & gas, utilities, and Wireless Service Providers (Neutral hosts) are leading the race.

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Michela Menting
Michela Menting
Research Director

Hardware Security Modules Increasingly in Demand For Secure IoT Deployments

The monolithic Hardware Security Modules (HSM) market has long been locked in its traditional enterprise and payment markets, but the unrelenting expansion of the IoT ecosystem has given it wings. ABI Research has been tracking the changing market demands that have driven HSM vendors to offer novel delivery models, new integrated form factors, and fit-for-purpose applications, in particular key management and root of trust for the IoT.

The last few years have seen a strong push for the use of HSMs in new vertical markets, especially, those within the IoT ecosystem, including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and utilities. “By and large, there are three primary drivers for the use of HSMs in these new markets: a growing body of standards and regulatory compliance for the protection of IoT data and devices, functional and physical safety requirements for critical devices such as cyber-physical systems, and finally intellectual property protection,” explains Michela Menting, Digital Security Research Director.

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Khin Sandi Lynn
Khin Sandi Lynn
Industry Analyst

5G to Account for 40% of FWA Market in 2026

The worldwide Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) market is expanding quickly to fulfill the need for high-speed broadband connectivity for both business and consumer segments. 5G FWA, a powerful platform providing fiber-like broadband service, will be accelerating the FWA market. ABI Research forecasts that in 2026, the FWA market will exceed 180 million subscriptions and generate US$70 billion in revenue. The 5G FWA market will then account for 40% of total FWA market.

Since 5G deployments continue to accelerate, operators are taking advantage of the 5G technology to provide high-capacity FWA services. High-speed and low latency supported by 5G networks enable providers to offer an attractive alternative to fixed broadband services in the areas where fiber-optic broadband doesn’t reach. “5G FWA services can be deployed faster and at a lower cost compared to installing Fiber to the Home (FTTH). Faster time-to-market at a lower CAPEX is the key advantage of FWA deployments to expand the service coverage and boost adoption,” explains Khin Sandi Lynn, Industry Analyst.

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5G set for 2.6 billion subs by 2026

Computer Weekly

Despite a slight decline in the worldwide mobile subscriber base resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, global mobile network operators have continued to expand their 5G network deployments, hitting 264 million subscriptions by the end of 2020, and are set to reach 2.6 billion by 2026, ABI Research has said.

The forecasts are from the analyst’s Network Technology and Market Tracker, which calculated that mobile traffic surged almost 60% to exceed 591 exabytes in 2020, with one of the key dynamics being the need to stay connected during the pandemic. The analyst expects mobile traffic to expand more than five times in 2026 compared with 2020. More than half of mobile traffic will be generated by 5G networks.

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COVID-19 fears drive mobile ID adoption

Future CIO

ABI Research estimates that in 2021 the worldwide installed base of mobile citizen credentials reached 319.1 million and increased to 419 million in 2022, demonstrating a YoY growth of 31%.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to push governments toward the smartphone as a platform to create end-to-end touchless service experiences through contactless technologies, the mobile identities (mID) market is seeing uptake across all credential applications, excluding passports. 

“The mobile identities market is continuing to sport strong growth as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic remain. New tenders are continuing to be announced. Between 2022 and 2023, South Korea, South Africa and the UK will either introduce or trial mobile driver’s licenses,” said Sam Gazeley, digital security analyst at ABI Research. “As it relates to National ID, the mobile form factor continues to dominate, with the application occupying 82% of all mobile identities in circulation in 2020.”

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This is the future of driving

Reader's Digest

Many other car manufacturers will launch semi-autonomous vehicles with such driver monitoring systems incorporated from 2018, helping drivers to avoid accidents.

James Hodgson, industry analyst at ABI Research, argues that driver-monitoring technology will eventually become as common as seat belts. “Their growth will be very much tied to the growth of semi-autonomous vehicles,” he explains. James estimates that by 2026, there will be around 17.5m semi-autonomous and autonomous cars produced with this technology each year.

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