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Kateryna Dubrova
Kateryna Dubrova
Research Analyst

IoT Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Services to Reach US$3.6 Billion in Revenue in 2026

While Covid-19 has had a negative impact on many industries, the data analytics market is not one of them. The reason is because many newly emerging cloud-native data-enabled analytics vendors have actually benefited from COVID-19, generating more business than usual. Since industries are transitioning to “remote everything,” out-of-the-box solutions—such as remote monitoring, asset management, asset visibility, and predictive maintenance—are in high demand and exemplify market acceleration.

ABI Research's  IoT Data-Enabled Value Chain Application Analysis Report provides a detailed breakdown of today's IoT analytics value chain components, exploring how and where various vendors are positioned within the value chain. The report also provides a detailed technical and commercial overview of IoT streaming and data management technologies and comparison of overall IoT-data enabled capabilities.

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5G Commercial Launches and Insights – Strategies, Challenges and Learnings

DATE: Wednesday, July 28
TIME: 7:00 am BST, 2:00 pm SGT

More than 160 communications service providers have launched 5G services, and over 300 5G smartphone models have been announced or launched commercially.

Join this exclusive session for communications service providers to explore key trends influencing 5G adoption, relevant use cases and monetization strategies that leading communications service providers are adopting to meet consumer expectations now and in the future.

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Cloud RAN: Deployment Focus and Standardization

As of June 2021, Ericsson updated its Cloud Radio Access Network (RAN) solution to include mid-band spectrums and massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) capability, which paves the way towards providing more comprehensive and highly performed cloud-native virtualized network services to cover widely expanded use cases in both the consumer and the enterprise markets. 

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6 GHz Band to Benefit Both Wi-Fi and 5G

As the Wi-Fi industry continues to work towards implementation of more efficient Wi-Fi standards, regulators around the world are updating their regulations to align with these new technologies and standards. 

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PTC’s Annual LiveWorx Keynote

PTC held the second edition of its annual LiveWorx conference in a virtual setting from March to June 2021 in three epsiodes. The major theme was how digital transforms physical—how computer-aided design (CAD) is the digital definition of a physical product; how product lifecycle management (PLM) software manages physical assets; IoT connects physical assets; and AR augments the physical world. 

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Is the Standalone CPU finished? New HPC Workloads Demand Processor Evolution

Workload convergence was the theme permeating many of the exciting new technology discussions at the virtual conference, International Supercomputing 2021, that took place last week, but are different workloads coming together, or are more heterogenous compute solutions making the technology available to process a more diverse set of workloads?

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When Should 5G Operators Deploy Renewables?

With the regulations to cut carbon footprints and growing global pressure to fight climate change, mobile operators are already seeking ways to make 5G more efficient and, at the same time, seeking alternative energy sources for the long-term carbon efficiency of their networks.

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Greenfield Cloud-Based 5G Networks Pave the Way for Alternative Vendor Selection

Dish recently announced its choice of Oracle for its Service Based Architecture (SBA), an announcement that surprised many industry insiders. These types of contracts have been dominated by Tier-One Network Infrastructure Vendors (NEVs), namely Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and ZTE, who have been typically deploying end to end networks in both core and radio domains.

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Central Bank Digital Currency: The Final Step to a Cashless World?

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) (the digital form of a country’s fiat currency) involves the central bank of the economy in question doling out electronic tokens, instead of the usual process of minting coins and printing paper bills, whose intrinsic value is fortified by the faith and credit of the government.

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IoT Helps in the Battle Against Wildlife Endangerment

Smart Parks have technological partnerships with LoRa Alliance and Semtech, which help turn their vision into a reality. LoRa Alliance is committed to enable large scale deployments of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and do so by continuingly develop the LoRaWAN open standard. 

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Leo Gergs
Leo Gergs
Senior Analyst

Digital Systems Vital for a Rapid Post-COVID-19 Healthcare Systems Recovery

The global outbreak COVID-19 has put healthcare systems across the globe under tremendous pressure and underscored the urgent need to advance to a smart healthcare system. Transformative technologies such as 5G connectivity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, and Virtual reality (AR/VR), as well as key market trends toward smart wearables, are at the forefront of a digitized health care system, writes global tech market advisory firm  ABI Research in its recently published whitepaper The Need For A Digitized Smart Health Care System In A Post-Pandemic World.

“There is an urgent need for a communication infrastructure that unites the currently very fragmented technology landscape,” says Leo Gergs, Senior Analyst for 5G Markets at ABI Research. “While medical data interchange format and standards initiatives, like HL7 or IHE, aim to provide connectivity within separate medical domains, there is no unified communication infrastructure that houses all these domains under one roof. By bringing enhanced mobile broadband capabilities, ultra-reliable low latency communication as well as massive machine type communication, 5G is well suited to be this uniting technology.”  

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Leo Gergs
Leo Gergs
Senior Analyst

Deutsche Telekom, China Unicom, Orange, China Mobile, and Vodafone Ranked Network Operator Leaders Providing Enterprise 5G Connectivity

Deutsche Telekom came out as the overall leader because it offers the most diversified product portfolio, supporting four different deployment models to cater to very heterogeneous enterprise requirements and provide flexible pricing models. Close runners-up are China Mobile, Orange, and Vodafone. China Mobile is recognized particularly for its involvement in a number of network slicing trials and its contribution to enterprise-specific standardization work. Orange is particularly notable for its several ecosystem partnerships with a range of different players. Vodafone scored particularly high as it works toward developing a complete digitization platform in attractive business models, which are particularly easy to deploy.

“Our assessment clearly identifies key aspects that network operators should consider to realize their enterprise 5G ambitions,” says Leo Gergs, Senior Analyst for Telco Enterprise Strategies and Private Networks at ABI Research. “At the heart of this, carriers need to understand that enterprises do not see value in deploying 5G connectivity as such, but in the applications, it will enable. Therefore, network operators need to integrate cellular connectivity into a much wider technology platform, including Artificial Intelligence and data storage and device management capabilities. To be able to offer this in an attractive pricing structure, it is imperative that network operators depart from a connectivity-focused business model and fully embrace either a Network-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service model.”

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Mission Accepted: Deploying Digital Transformation


Although wearables, such as augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets, did not find their way into the top three technologies for future significance or current investment, 72% of respondents identified benefits to embracing the technology. An increase in production and efficiency was clearly the most important benefit at 50%, with the ability to increase actionable data taking a distant second (33%). 

This aligns well with what Eric Abbruzzese, augmented and virtual reality research director at ABI Research, is seeing. “As a high-value element of digitization, AR adds a visual element to a data-heavy system that can sometimes devalue the human worker,” he noted. “AR brings the worker back into the equation and creates a synergistic relationship between worker and IT/OT systems, where each component benefits from the other.” 

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Microsoft's Windows Security Flaw is a Big Deal. Here's What You Can Do About It


Microsoft's latest security vulnerability could have a lingering impact both on consumers and businesses at a time when many around the world are already on high alert for disruptive cyber attacks.

Although many Windows users don't have remote access capabilities on their home computers, business computers or people working remotely and connecting back to the office could be most affected, according to Michela Menting, a cybersecurity expert at ABI Research.

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Robots Still Suck. It's All They Can Do To Stand Up – Never Mind Rise Up.

The Register

Even if autonomous robots do not attain near-human capabilities, they can still do what boffins call the three Ds: Dull, Dangerous, and Dirty jobs that are better performed by robots rather than humans.

Until robotics improves, more serious tasks will remain out of reach. "If a robot fails when it is vacuuming your floor, that's not a problem. But if it fails while walking your dog in the park, then you've got yourself some very upset children," Rian Whitton of ABI Research told The Register.

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