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The Future of Sustainable Aviation is Hydrogen

Hydrogen is seen as a good solution for flying without causing harm to the climate because a hydrogen propulsion-powered aircraft emits zero CO2 emissions, according to studies.

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Weighing Up (Telecom) Cloud Deployment Strategies

Broadly speaking, there are two types of telecom cloud strategies: single-vendor versus multi-vendor deployments, each with their own pros and cons.

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5G and Federated Edge Computing Could Turbo Charge the Cloud Gaming Market

ABI Research estimates the online video and gaming markets generated US$ 330 billion in revenue, but how easy is it for a mobile operator to “spin” up cloud-based gaming?

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Augmented Reality and 5G Efforts Intensify Across Markets with Increasing Maturity and Value

To fully realize the potential of the 5G and AR markets together, other technologies like AI/ML and machine vision, edge compute, IoT, and smart city systems also need to be mature and properly integrated into various ecosystems.

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Don Alusha
Don Alusha
Senior Analyst

Ericsson and Huawei Take the Lead in ABI Research’s 5G Core & Edge Platforms Competitive Ranking; Mavenir, Affirmed Networks Named Top Challengers

A new Competitive Assessment by ABI Research provides an in-depth and objective evaluation of the services offered by nine 5G Core and Edge players. The 5G Core network market, unlike preceding cellular generations, is very dynamic and rich. Large incumbents are, by and large, highly entrenched in key regions and have existing operator relationships they continue to cultivate.

Pure-play software vendors, on the other hand, offer innovation and agility, particularly on evaluation criteria such as openness, public cloud integration, and time to market within the narrow scope of what they provide. The companies evaluated and ranked in this report include both established Network Equipment Vendors (NEVs) and new, challenger vendors. They are, in order of ranking, as follows:

Market Leaders: Huawei, Ericsson
Mainstream: Nokia, ZTE
Followers: Mavenir, Affirmed Networks (a Microsoft company), HPE, Samsung, Athonet

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Stuart Carlaw
Stuart Carlaw
Chief Research Officer

Teradyne, Azure, Virbela, Siemens, FogHorn, and Huawei Among the 28 Top Tech Companies Leading the Way in 2021

ABI Research analysts around the globe are constantly collecting data and information from providers, partners, and end-users. The results are routinely published in Competitive Ranking reports, which offer comprehensive insight into different markets, assessing companies’ implementation and innovation strategies. We summarized the results of six recent Competitive Rankings in the just-released whitepaper, 28 Technology Companies Leading the Way in 2021.

The technology landscape is constantly changing, with new solutions, new products, and new players emerging every day. “This continuous state of flux can prove challenging—both for technology companies trying to understand how they stack up to their competition, as well as for companies looking for the best technology providers. Our Competitive Rankings offer unparalleled insight into a company’s performance and standing in comparison to its competitors and are proving to be an invaluable tool for our clients,” explains Stuart Carlaw, Chief Research Officer.

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Major Tech Producers Are Getting Serious About Head-Mounted Displays


Nearly 28 million augmented and mixed reality smart glasses will ship by 2026 — a 66 percent annual compound increase in sales — according to ABI Research.

“Right now, the industries most likely to use head-mounted displays are manufacturing, energy and utilities, and logistics,” says Eric Abbruzzese, research director for AR and virtual reality at ABI Research. “These industries benefit most from hands-free content access to help with complex workflows.”

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Etisalat is already working on bringing 6G to the UAE


During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Wednesday, Chief Technology Officer at Etisalat Haitham Abdulazzak discussed the UAE telecom giant’s roadmap in working towards 6G.

At the moment, 6G is not a functioning technology and Etisalat are in the midst of laying the foundations of the 6G ecosystem by conducting research and developing new international standards. It has been predicated by researchers that we won’t see it for about seven to eight years. This fits the predictions stated in a report by ABI Research earlier this year which claimed that we won’t see 6G until 2028-2029.

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