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IoT Connectivity: Who Is Winning What?

July 23 | 11:00am ET
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For all the experience of LTE and excitement of 5G, the IoT market has been propped by low-power wide-area (LPWA) technologies. The concept of smart-anything as the prerequisite for industrial change – in buildings, cities, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture – has gained credence, in large part, because of humble LPWA connectivity, and not these other racier technologies.

But there are a number of LPWA variants out there: principally, the pioneer standards LoRaWAN and Sigfox in the blue corner, and the new cellular heavyweights LTE-M and NB-IoT in the red corner.

Despite proclamations from all sides they will coexist, there is macro crossover, as well as micro differentiation. It is confusing. Enterprise IoT Insights reviews the major runners and riders, and the likely fallers and finishers, in the great LPWA race.


  • Adarsh Krishnan, Principal Analyst, ABI Research
  • James Blackman, Editor, Enterprise IoT Insights
  • Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman, LoRa Alliance
  • Ajay Rane, SVP of Business Development, SigFox

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VR Finds a Growth Path in Enterprise, But Not Without Obstacles

After a few years of testing the waters in the consumer space, Virtual Reality (VR) is right alongside Augmented Reality (AR) in many enterprise conversations centered around visualization and digitization. VR has been cast in a consumer-only light for quite some time, with a comfortable but still-limited market in media and entertainment, specifically gaming. Today, with AR’s impressive Return on Investment (ROI) display, enterprises are exploring VR as an alternative to AR or an additive device in their grander digitization plans.

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Dan Shey
Dan Shey
Vice President, Enabling Platforms

IoT Partner Programs Now Streamlining Ecosystem To Enter New Markets

In its recent analysis ranking 558 companies on their IoT service capabilities, ABI Research, found that partner programs are increasingly turning to system integrators and professional services providers to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions. Additionally, these partner programs are focusing on more niche verticals such as wearables and hospitality, while continuing to target major applications such as healthcare, manufacturing, and energy. Partner program parents are aligning themselves with a handful of higher-value partners across different regions who can better help end-users navigate the convoluted IoT ecosystem.      

“System integrators (SIs) have emerged as a gatekeeper when it comes to IoT,” says Dan Shey, Vice President of Enabling Platforms. “SIs fill the gap between solution providers and the specific needs of targeted market verticals. Additionally, they have vast experience integrating legacy systems into end-to-end solutions and have a significant footprint in their respective regions. SIs offer partner programs unparalleled insight and access into new and existing markets.” Read more.

Harriet Sumnall
Harriet Sumnall
Research Analyst

New Satellite Networks Will Enable 24 Million IoT Connections and Provide Seamless Global Connectivity By 2024

By 2024, there will be 24 million IoT connections made via satellite.  ABI Research's new report unveils the long-term opportunity within the satellite space for the growth of IoT deployments, particularly in application verticals, such as agriculture and asset tracking, that are dealing with the unreliability of terrestrial infrastructures.

“Terrestrial cellular networks only cover 20% of the Earth’s surface, while satellite networks can cover the entire surface of the globe, from pole to pole,” says Harriet Sumnall, Research Analyst. "The expansion of the satellite constellations that are currently in orbit and those due to take place will allow for connectivity to be more global. While the market using satellite connection is still immature, it shows great opportunities for growth.” Read more


50 Years After Moon Landing, Robots Continue To Explore The Cosmos

Robotics Business Review

As the “second space race” continues to ramp up, there will be more competition between the U.S., China, Russia and the European Space Agency. There will also be reassessment and reinvigorated determination to put robotic missions on the Moon and Mars in the next 10 or 20 years, said Rian Whitton, senior analyst, ABI Research.

“They will either be wheeled or tracked mobile robots that will be deployed with a range of scientific instruments to collect experimental data on atmospherics and different types of minerals,” he said.

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5G Calls For Foldable Smartphones, And Foldable Smartphones Call For 5G.

Business Insider

5G will enhance just about everything we do on our smartphones.

"People can use more innovative applications and can have far better and enhanced augmented experiences in more consistent ways when you use premium content [enabled by 5G]," Malik Saadi, the Vice President Of Strategic Technologies at the tech market advisory firm ABI Research, told Business Insider.

There are 5G skeptics out there, but I'm remembering how far we've come since the first days of the smartphone and the first iterations of mobile networks that connected to the internet.

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