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5G Positioning: Enterprise Problem Solver Or Just Another RTLS Technology?

DATE: June 10, 2021
TIME: 10:00 a.m. UK/5:00 p.m. SGT

5G positioning is emerging as a disruptive technology that could potentially solve a number of industry pain points and target many use-cases that require accurate, reliable, precise positioning performance across both indoor and outdoor environments. However, several technology challenges and strategic hurdles need to be addressed before the technology can compete with existing solutions and make its way to large-scale deployments.

Our discussion will generate an industry-wide discussion around:

  • Potential business opportunities of 5G in the Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) market
  • What key verticals and use-cases represent the low-hanging fruit and what are the most challenging ones?
  • How the industry should align to address major challenges facing 5G positioning

The discussion will be guided by an industry survey aiming at understanding the technology and business requirements of RTLS across key verticals, how 5G positioning could meet these requirements, and what benefits the technology will offer to the operators of these verticals.

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Bright Machines SPAC Merger Bolsters Shift to Software Defined Manufacturing

Bright Machines provides a combination of proprietary software and adaptive hardware that automate repetitive tasks to enable manufacturers to quickly deploy flexible, autonomous production lines that can be scaled based on market demand. 

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Start-Up Bumblebee Brings Furniture into Smart Home Management

The company’s offering is a ceiling frame which can support a selection of modular furniture—including a bed, storage cabinets, a desk, etc.—which can them be lowered when needed and raised back up to the ceiling when not.

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Plataine and SAP Join Forces to Facilitate Dynamic Scheduling

Plataine positions its software as providing discrete manufacturers with a digital assistant collecting data from sensors in real-time, the AI alerting and informing customers of operational issues, and making recommendations to optimize processes.

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Blockchain-as-a-Service Downsizing: A Sign of Market Failure or Maturity?

The two top Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) leaders in the market, IBM and Microsoft, have made some significant internal changes to their blockchain services in the past months. 

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TIP OpenWiFi to Aid with Seamless, Integrated, Always-On Wi-Fi Connectivity

Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Open Converged Wireless (OCW) project group has announced the launch of the Release 1.0 of OpenWiFi, which is community-developed, converged Wi-Fi system.

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Shining a Light on Smart Lampposts

The latest generation smart lampposts can be equipped with sensors that can receive and transmit information on crowd density and body temperature of pedestrians in the area, in addition to other functions such as surveillance, monitoring air quality, weather changes, etc.

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Featured News

Dimitrios Pavlakis
Dimitrios Pavlakis
Senior Analyst

Microsoft Azure and AWS are Clear Leaders in ABI Research’s IoT Device Onboard and Lifecycle Management Competitive Ranking

The new Competitive Assessment by ABI Research provides an in-depth and unbiased examination of the services offered by ten IoT players, delivering market insights based on certain chosen technological criteria including IoT onboarding and lifecycle management solutions and ranks secure updates and FOTA (firmware-over-the-air), trusted device identity, intelligence, and automation options. These three criteria and their sub-elements were identified as the most vital for the evolution of IoT in a scalable and secure manner while also holding the reigns for the sustainable monetization of IoT security in the evolving market landscape. The companies evaluated and ranked are:

Market Leaders: Microsoft Azure and AWS
Mainstream: Pelion, Intel, Telit, Device Authority, Thales, and Digicert
Followers: Avsystem and Sequitur Labs

Microsoft Azure and AWS are leading the battle at the very core of IoT deployments and enjoying the lion’s share of cloud dominance. Securing the device identity supply chain is a strong focus for companies like Intel, Device Authority, and Pelion, and secure hardware module manufacturers like Thales and Telit boast high levels of secure onboarding and lifecycle management. “Understanding the intricacies of the market is key,” Dimitrios Pavlakis, Senior Analyst of IoT and Digital Security

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David McQueen
David McQueen
Research Director

With 681 Million 5G Handsets Set to Ship in 2022, Mobile Device Vendors Scramble for Differentiation

Despite a backdrop of the on-going effects of the pandemic and the geopolitical landscape, the impact on 5G supply chains throughout the past year has been minimal when compared to the wider smartphone market. This has led to 5G mobile device models becoming more diverse, brought to market quickly at a wide variety of price points, accelerating affordability and adoption. The mobile market is quickly transitioning to 5G and many leading OEMs are pushing ever-deeper into the lower-priced 5G smartphone segment. According to a new report from ABI Research, 681 million 5G handsets will be shipped in 2022. The race is on for OEMs to find that all-important level of differentiation in their flagship portfolios to help boost margins and improve market share.

As David McQueen, Research Director explains, “Upcoming 5G flagships from leading vendors, such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and OPPO, are expected to incorporate new features and form factor innovations such as ultrawide band (UWB) and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, super-fast charging technologies, foldable and rollable displays, and improved camera set-ups. These are all designed to help spark further evolution in device user interfaces, the growth in technology ecosystems, and enhanced experiences.”

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Wearable Health Devices: Is There One in Your Future?


Since wearables transmit data wirelessly to apps on smartphones and to cloud servers (where health care providers can retrieve data), you might wonder whether your privacy is protected. Could your health data be used for unintended purposes? “The majority of providers have made clear that patients’ data are protected and are not shared with third parties,” says Eleftheria Kouri, a consumer technologies research analyst at ABI research, a technology market advisory firm.

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